Turf Fest Fees
U9 to U12 – $625
U13 to U19 – $725

Registration and Team Eligibility
All registration materials must be submitted online. Details where to send them will be posted online as it gets closer to the deadline. Coaches must provide Travel Permits (if outside OSYSA), signed medical and liability release forms, proof of concussion training, approved roster and player passes.

Coaches should bring player passes and medical release forms to every game.

Teams from the United States:
1. The Players must present picture identification cards issued by the team’s Federation Organization Member (USYS, ASYO, other).
2. Teams must provide proof of approval of the team’s participation from the team’s Federation Organization Member.
3. Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel. Teams must be in good standing with their Federation Organization.

Teams from outside the United States:
1. Players must present passports at registration or, if from a nation that the United States does not require a passport, proof of entry into the United States that is required by the United States.
2. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards.
3. Teams must have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation in the tournament.

Online application
The on-line application process is quick and easy and may be paid by credit card, e-check or mail-in check.  If paying by mail-in check, we must receive your payment within ONE week of your application.  Once your application and fee is received and accepted, the fee is non-refundable.  (If your team is not accepted, your application fee will be returned in its entirety.)

Player Age and Eligibility (2021/2022):
U19, born in 2003
U18, born in 2004
U17, born in 2005
U16, born in 2006
U15, born in 2007
U14, born in 2008
U13, born in 2009
U12, born in 2010
U11, born in 2011
U10, born in 2012
U09, born in 2013