Thank you for your interest in participating in the Turf Fest. We are looking forward to a fun weekend filled with good soccer!

I appreciate you taking the time to read through the information below.

Our primary concern during our events is the safety of everybody involved, so we appreciate everyone's cooperation. It is very important that we have a smooth flow of spectators and players into and out of each field location. Our main facility, Athletes in Action, does, by its design, maximize social distancing between fields and it is important that families work within this design to practice social distancing.

AIA asks that we avoid using the bleachers so I would encourage you to bring chairs to the field locations.

There is a lot of information below but please take the time to read through it. 

Thank you!

Ohio Galaxies FC Tournament Committee



  • Teams should not arrive earlier then 30minutes before their scheduled game time
  • Concession stands will not be open at any facility
  • To avoid social gatherings at the main tent, there will be no merchandise sold during this event
  • No animals are allowed at either facility
  • Coaches, players and spectators must follow the CDC 6-FEET SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines when on site at both Athletes in Action and the Ankeney Complex.
  • Coaches, players and spectators must self monitor for fever, cough or flu like symptoms and if symptoms are present refrain from visiting the facilities.
  • NO CONGREGATING POLICY for coaches, players or spectators in parking lots, at drop off zones, at entrance / exit areas of facilities, or at the field location before or after matches.
  • Face covering is required by spectators at the facilities.
  • Individuals 65 and over and those with high-risk health conditions should avoid coming to the complex.
  • Coaches and trainers will be required to ensure no athletes share equipment or other items.
  • Main restroom signage will be displayed to promote safe practices and health guidelines.
  • All players must bring their own water bottle, and water bottles should not be shared.
  • Spectators are limited to immediate family members with a maximum of 4 spectators per family per player.
  • Match field locations will be distributed across the complex  to maximize social distancing.
  • Players and their families should arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled match time and will remain in their cars until their match field has been vacated by a prior match.
  • Parents should limit training equipment and gear brought to each match and assist in making sure their child sanitizes their  equipment and gear after returning home from each match.
  • No general physical interaction is permitted between teams, referees, coaches and players including hugging, “high fives”, and handshakes or passing objects by hand before, during or after the match.
  • At the conclusion of the match, referees, coaches, players and spectators should return to their cars and exit the facility.
  • Players, coaches and spectators are responsible for their own hand sanitizer and are encouraged to practice hand sanitizing before, during and after each match.
  • We have 30min time slots scheduled between games. We ask that if your team just finished playing you take no more than 5 minutes to clear the field and head to your cars. We ask the teams scheduled to play next to wait in their cars until the teams that played the game before have cleared the field (no need to arrive any earlier than 30minutes before your scheduled game time).


  • Families are strongly encouraged to use parking available adjacent to your field location and move directly from your car to your playing field.
  • At Athletes in Action only: all cars (except coaches) will have to pay a $5 parking fee per day (this is a privately owned facility that we rent for the event so we have no control over the charge for parking)
  • Below are pictures of AIA to help direct families to their specific field location for this event. There is the paved lot adjacent to baseball and additional parking would utilize the gravel lot.  Families playing on Soccer #2 should park in the gravel lot adjacent to soccer #2.